The Real Effects of the Economic Situation

by comm397girls

It is known that going through your twenties is the best and worst times of your life. It is a daunting task to find your place in the world after leaving college and the comforts of home in search of your “destiny”. Going through that process is hard enough, but with the added stresses of today’s economic situation it is no wonder why twenty-something’s are even more confused and lost than ever. In the series, Lena Dunham does her best to portray this transition into the real world from four very specific story lines. They are meant to be REAL girls who have REAL struggles. This world today is not easy, and Lena does her best to portray that through the humor and relatablility of the show.

The HBO hit, Girls, isn’t only a portrayal of the economic hardships facing youth today, but also shows viewers how these hardships affect all aspects of young peoples’ lives. Hannah struggles with finding a job, her complicated relationship with Adam, and the struggles of making it as a writer. All these things lead to a complicated relationship with her body, heightened level of stress, and a misguided outlook on life.

Because of Hannah’s chosen career path as a writer, her financial struggle seems overwhelming and affects her everyday life. It is her dream to be a writer but is constantly reminded that writing does not pay the bills, so she is forced to go out and find a “real” job. Because of these struggles, the character is constantly questioning her self-worth, which is evident when trying to understand her complicated relationship with Adam. Although he is very rude to her and doesn’t ever take her feelings into consideration, she keeps going back to him. She also considers putting up with a “touchy” boss in the office just to keep a job. She does not think enough of herself to even understand that his behavior is unacceptable in the workplace.

The pressures of the current economic situation can cause real problems for young people today. Student loans and the inability to find a steady job right out of college can cause mental and physical health problems. These pressures follow these young people everywhere, making it impossible to have a healthy social life. The HBO series Girls shows what a terrible effect this situation can have on young people trying to find their place in the world. It is not a fantasized account of socialites, but real life people that face hardship and struggle. This show allows for all young people, not only girls, to relate to the characters’ story lines and how they are facing this economic situation while trying to find their place in New York.


This video shows how Hannah is very insecure about aspects of her self and her chosen career path as a writer, and also shows her complicated relationship with her body. These insecurities root from an unhappy environment she faces in the “real world”.